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Surly Bikes has been preaching the benefits of their steel bike frames for years. Steel, they claim, offers a special ride that's “snappy” and comfortable. The people at Surly won't even blink when they tell you that 30 years from now, your Surly bike will ride exactly the same as it does right now. All Surly bike frames are made of cro-moly steel that's tough and durable, yet resilient. On rough roads it provides the stiffness necessary for an efficient ride. And although aluminum can be just as tough, and carbon fiber is effective in insulating against rough roads, steel provides the same features at a significantly lower cost, and is easier to repair.

The Surly product line features a robust variety of bicycles that you can use in any riding situation.

The Omniterra line consists of Surly's distinctive off road bikes: the Moonlander, Black Ops Pug and the Pugsley. Built to accommodate larger tire footprints, these Surly bikes are designed to take on terrain that other so-called "all-terrain" bikes fear to tread. The stock forks and frames of these models accepts large 3.8 inch Endomorph tires. The Moonlander has been upgraded to fit the new Big Fat Larry 4.7 inch tires. If it's traction you need, that's exactly what this capable set of off-road bikes is ready to give you the way no other bike out there can.

The Pavement series covers the touring bikes: the Steamroller, Cross-Check, Pacer, Disk Trucker Deluxe, Disk Trucker and the decade-old classic Long Haul Trucker. The growing popularity of bicycle touring requires bikes that can carry you and your gear over very long distances in relative comfort. These bikes do exactly that. These bikes also have a lot of clearance to accommodate larger, more comfortable tires.

The Big Dummy is a hauling bike, with the unmistakable geometry to do just that. It lets you carry up to 200 pounds of cargo, but still handles like a standard bike -- smooth, maneuverable and even nimble. This Haulin' line includes two trailer configurations. Bill the Trailer is the long bed trailer, and the Ted Trailer is the shorter one. Both trailer configurations can be hitched to any configuration bike frame.

The Karate Monkey, Troll, Ogre and the 1x1 (available as a frame only) make up the Trail line, and round off Surly's product line. The Karate Monkey and Ogre were both designed to take 29 inch tires, providing greater traction on mountain trails and other off-road terrain.

Although originally designed for 26 inch tires, 29 inchers also fit on the 1x1, Troll, Big Dummy, Pugsley and the Long Haul Trucker. Just remember that if you do use the larger tires, you won't be able to use rim brakes, and the bigger tires will change the ride characteristics of your frame. And speaking of frames, Surly's are all hand-made by experienced professionals in Taiwan, where there is an established and reliable infrastructure for building bicycles and bike accessories. Surly claims that their warranty rate is below 1 percent. The frame warranty is three years from the date of purchase, and covers only manufacturing defects. And although there are various ways you can estimate the bike size for you, the best way to fit a Surly bike is to visit a partner bike shop (they're all over the country) and ask for expert help to find the right fit for you.